Water Treatment & Distribution

The Public Works department is responsible for providing clean and safe potable water to the residents of Wadena. The Town currently has two certified water operators and they operate within the Water Security Government Guidelines. 

The Town of Wadena Water Treatment Plant is located on Highway 35 South, across from Quill Plains dealership. Two raw water wells are also located south of town. Water is brought into the treatment plant, where chlorine and potassium permanganate is added for disinfection and oxidization. It then enters the retention chamber for the required contact time prior to being sent into a multi media filter bed which extracts Iron and Manganese. Next step, the water is sent to the clear well and distribution stage, and then off to the Wadena Water Tower. The town receives their daily water supply from the water tower, which refills 2-3 times a day. The water treatment plant holds approximately 350,000 gallons with an additional 75,000 gallons held at the water tower. Currently, the Town of Wadena goes through approximately 120,000 gallons of water a day, with more usage in the winter months. 

For a copy of the Weekly Water Bacterial Sample report, please contact the office at 306-338-2145.

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