Compost Program

Compost Collection
The Town of Wadena offers a yard waste compost program every year during the months of May through until October 31st. Residents collect their yard waste for a weekly pick up at their residence. The program is tendered out every year in late Winter, early Spring.

2019 collection starts May 9th.

Collection Schedule:
Mondays:  West of Main & South of Highway 5
Tuesdays:  East of Main Street

Collection will take place from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

All compost will be picked up from the FRONT street of all residences;

Material must be in clear plastic bags;

Bags that are more than 40 pounds will not be collected;

Bags with household waste or animal waste will not be collected;
All inquires regarding Compost Collection are to be directed to 306-338-7598