Utility Financial Overview

Town of Wadena

Water and Sewer Utility System
Annual Financial Overview 2020

In 2020, the total revenue generated for the water and sewer utility system was $610,742. The expenses totaled $496,212.


Infrastructure Fee



Water Charges



Sewer Charges



Other Revenue



Custom Work / Supplies







Wages, Benefits



Contractual Services






Maintenance, Materials, Supplies



Capital Works












Surplus (Deficit)



Using these figures, the comparison ratio of revenue to expenses equals $610,742/ $496,212 or a ratio of 1.23.

Reserve Account

The amount that has been set aside as of Dec 31, 2020 in a reserve account to be used to provide for water and sewer system capital infrastructure is $735,991. Surplus from the water and sewer revenues may be transferred to reserves on an annual basis for water and sewer infrastructure repairs, replacement and upgrades.

Public Information

A copy of the following documents may be requested at the Town Office during regular business hours:

Annual Notice to Consumers

● Waterworks Rate Policy

● 2020 Waterworks System Assessment