Town of Wadena


January 22, 2019 5:00 p.m.

Municipal Office, 102 Main Street, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Approval of Agenda

Agenda must be approved with a motion noting any additions or amendments prior to approval.

DELEGATION - Access Communications - Update

Delegation from Access Communications providing information on a system update that took place in the fall.

Accounts Payable

Approval of payments of accounts, bills and invoices.

Unaudited Financial Statement - Dec 31, 2018

The unaudited financial statement as at year end Dec 31, 2018.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting of Council.

Unfinished Business

Items up for discussion that were previously discussed or tabled at a recent meeting of Council.

Ratify Motion - Offer to Purchase

THAT we ratify the resolution made via email on January 10, 2019 that reads as follows:
THAT we accept the Daviduk’s offer of $5,000 + GST for Lot 5 Block 51, Plan 77H11177 Ext 0,  at 125 Perry Drive.      
Made: Sobchyshyn, Seconded: Tokarchuk, Carried


Council Remuneration

Further review of setting/updating remuneration rates for Council, updated research on other remuneration rates from further information that came in since the last meeting.

Traffic Bylaw Amendment - School Speed Zone

After reviewing the Traffic Bylaw thoroughly, it appears an amendment is not needed to install school zone signs or declare a school zone. The locations of these are not defined in the bylaw. The bylaw simply states one must drive no faster than 30 km an hour where school zone signs are placed. Thus, Council has approved the addition of the school zone signs as proposed, staff will proceed with their installation as soon as possible this spring, weather permitting. We will notify the RCMP,  residents and motorists ahead of time of the new school zone area and remind as well of the associated fines for violations.

Committee and Other Reports

Reports of committees, boards and other agencies sent to Council.

Museum Minutes - November 13, 2018

Minutes from the November meeting of the Museum Board
  1. Museum Minutes.pdf

Administrative Reports

Reports from the heads of Departments including Administration, Public Works & Utilities, Parks & Recreation, Community & Economic Development. 

CAO Report


Community & Economic Development


Parks & Rec Director Report


Public Works Director Report


New Business

New items up for discussion at this meeting of Council.

Class 3 Building Official Appointment

‘Tweidt Building Code Enforcement Services’ is restructuring to a new company ‘49North Code Consulting Corp.’ They are bringing on more staff members as they continue to grow, in order to better serve their clientele.

For Council's consideration, Ty has provided an updated proposal to appoint 49North as Wadena's Class 3 Building Official (see attached). All rates remain the same as 2018 rates. 


Sign Corridor Policy

Administration is proposing an amendment to the Sign Corridor policy to include an installation fee for $250 per sign to cover materials and labour.

Repealing Bylaw No. 02-2019

Administration is recommending the repeal of a number of bylaws.
  1. 02-2019 - Repealing Bylaw.pdf
  2. 20-78 Expropriate Land.pdf
  3. 21-78 Construct Pavement and Curb.pdf
  4. 18-78 Construct Water and Sewer Mains.pdf
  5. 17-78 Construct Water and Sewer Mains.pdf
  6. 16-78 Construct Pavement and Curb.pdf
  7. 10-78 Develop Regional Park.pdf
  8. 16-77 Expropriate Certain Lands.pdf
  9. 15-77 Expropriate Certain Lands.pdf
  10. 1-77 Construct Pavement and Curb.pdf
  11. 3-74 Housing Agreement.pdf
  12. 6-73 Construct Combined Curb and Walk.pdf
  13. 5-73 Construct Paving.pdf
  14. 4-73 Construct Oil Surfacing.pdf
  15. 1-73 Special Assessment Agreement.pdf
  16. 13-72 Agreement for Regional Park.pdf
  17. 11-72 Agreement Library.pdf
  18. 19-67 Amend Library Agreement.pdf
  19. 1-67 Agreement for Regional Park.pdf
  20. 9-66 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  21. 8-66 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  22. 4-66 Agreement Library.pdf
  23. 13-65 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  24. 12-65 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  25. 8-65 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  26. 7-65 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  27. 8-64 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  28. 7-64 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  29. 6-64 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  30. 5-64 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  31. 4-64 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  32. 3-64 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  33. 11-63 Construct Sewer Mains.pdf
  34. 10-63 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  35. 13-61 Construct Sewer Main Extensions.pdf
  36. 12-61 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  37. 9-61 Construct Sewer Main Extensions.pdf
  38. 8-61 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  39. 6-61 Construct Sewer Main Extensions.pdf
  40. 5-61 Construct Water Mains.pdf
  41. 1-61 Issue Debentures.pdf
  42. 13-59 Construct Sewer Main Extensions.pdf
  43. 12-59 Construct Sewer Main Extensions.pdf
  44. 11-59 Determine Cost of Sewer Mains.pdf
  45. 9-59 Expropriation of Land.pdf
  46. 8-59 Social Aid.pdf
  47. 6-59 Issue Debentures.pdf
  48. 2-59 License Trailers.pdf
  49. 1-56 Agreement Weneeda.pdf
  50. 15-40 Provide Time and Place.pdf
  51. 15-39 Issue Debenture.pdf
  52. 130 Issue Debentures.pdf

Free Income Tax Project


Swimming Lesson Fees

Proposed rate increase to the fees charged for swimming lessons at the Wadena Aquatic Centre.

Mailing of Receipts

Our system and auditor requires that a receipt must be printed for our own records for every payment received. We currently mail receipts for all payments. We do also send out account statements each month for accounts that are past due. Should we continue to do so, or should we, as matter of policy, set limitations on when we will mail out receipts. A proposed policy is attached.


Correspondence to Council. All correspondence marked confidential will be opened and discussed in camera.

Media Question Period

A brief 10 minute interval is permitted after New Business for the media to address Council and ask followup questions related to items on the agenda at that meeting. 

In-Camera - Personnel & Legal Matters



Meeting adjourned. Requires a motion to adjourn (no second or vote required).