Town of Wadena


January 8, 2018 5:00 p.m.

Municipal Office, 102 Main Street, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Approval of Agenda

Agenda must be approved with a motion noting any additions or amendments prior to approval.

Delegation - Teneil & Travis Fogg

The Fogg's have requested to address Council with regard to their request for compensation as a result of a water main break in front of their property that caused flooding to the residence. 

Accounts Payable

Approval of payments of accounts, bills and invoices.

Financial Statement

Approval of bank reconciliation for the March.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting of Council.

Unfinished Business

Items up for discussion that were previously discussed or tabled at a recent meeting of Council.

Fogg Compensation Request

A request was before Council at the Mar 19, 2019 meeting from T. and T. Fogg regarding compensation resulting from a water break on Mar 8, 2019. A response was provided to the Fogg's indicating that when the letter of demand is received from their insurance company, it would be forwarded to Town’s insurance company. The Town's copy of the response to the Fogg's insurer is attached.

Awarding Tenders

The tenders have closed for Town Office Cleaning, Library Caretaking and Compost Collection. The proposals are attached for Council's consideration. 

Library Caretaking Tender


Town Office Caretaking Tender


Compost Collection Tender


Perry Drive Playground

At the May 23, 2018 Council meeting, Council resolved that the existing playground equipment on Perry Dr be removed and replaced with equipment costing up to $5,000 funded from the playground reserve and a plan put in place for development of the playground. A letter and quote for the new structure is attached.

Rec Centre Concession Tender

The Parks & Recreation Committee has reviewed the attached documents for the tender of the Wadena Recreation Centre Concession for the 2019-2020 operating season.

Suspend Tax Enforcement - Roll 427

At the Mar 19, 2019 Council meeting, Council authorized Administration to begin the proceedings to take title to a number of properties in arrears, including Lot 2, Block 41, Plan 60H03629. The property owner has since proposed a payment plan and requests that enforcement proceedings be suspended.

Committee and Other Reports

Reports of committees, boards and other agencies sent to Council.

Animal Control


Public Works Committee


Administrative Reports

Reports from the heads of Departments including Administration, Public Works & Utilities, Parks & Recreation, Community & Economic Development. 

New Business

New items up for discussion at this meeting of Council.

Infrastructure Inventory & Condition Assessment Scope Change

A scope/budget change (attached) has been received from Associated Engineering detailing an increase in scope of inspection and reporting.

Sign Corridor Application

A sign corridor application has been received from the Kelvington-Wadena Constituency office, proposing a 4' x 8' sign made of dibond material (attached). Policy 2008-10 (attached) requires Council approval of all signs in the signing corridors.

Offer to Purchase - Dental Clinic

An offer to purchase 230 Main St N has been received for council's consideration.

Fire Ban

To declare a Fire Ban in the Town of Wadena, requests from the Fire Chief must be approved by council because the authority to declare a fire ban has not been appointed to the CAO. To promote efficiency and public safety, Administration is requesting that Council consider authorizing a policy or bylaw authorizing the CAO to prohibit fires within the Town when in the opinion of the Fire Chief of the Wadena & District Fire Association, the prevailing environmental conditions give rise to an increase risk of a fire running out of control.



Correspondence to Council. All correspondence marked confidential will be opened and discussed in camera.

TURNBULL Water Discolouration


PILLAR SYSTEMS Asset Management


Media Question Period

A brief 10 minute interval is permitted after New Business for the media to address Council and ask followup questions related to items on the agenda at that meeting. 

In Camera - Personnel & Legal Matters



Meeting adjourned. Requires a motion to adjourn (no second or vote required).