Public Works

Public Works & Utilities provides a wide range of services, including street maintenance, engineering design, development review, water quality and infrastructure maintenance. The department plans and executes the town’s winter weather plan and assists the Mayor with the execution of emergency and disaster plans.

The Public Works & Utilities Department is responsible for the following key areas:

  • Water Treatment / Distribution
  • Sewage Treatment / Collection
  • Street Maintenance
  • Utility Reading
  • Garbage & Recycling Coordination
The department ensures that the street infrastructure is safe and well maintained, which supports the quality of life and serves as a foundation of a healthy economy. Public Works serves as a steward of the town's physical assets and ensures that residents live in a safe, secure and thriving community. To learn more, please refer to the left column for further break down of duties and other useful information. 

For all after-hours public works emergencies, please call 306-338-2145 and press 1 and your call will be directed on our on-call personnel.