Shop Local! Wadena Bucks

What are Wadena Bucks?

Wadena Bucks are used as payment to businesses within the municipal limits of the Town of Wadena. Each business can now accept Wadena Bucks as if it was cash or cheque and include them with their daily bank deposit. Wadena Bucks are available at the Town office in increments of $10, $25 and $50. They also have no expiration date, but why wait to use them?


How to use Wadena Bucks

Using Wadena Bucks is as easy as cash! Simply write in the date used and business name in the spaces provided, and apply it toward your purchase! Businesses, simply include the Wadena Bucks in your daily deposit to the bank! It’s that simple! Bucks may be purchased from the Town office, through our website, or over the phone. They also can be conveniently mailed to local residents as gifts for a flat administration processing fee of $2 per destination.


Why use Wadena Bucks?

Why buy a generic gift card when you can give Wadena Bucks and support local businesses? We want to encourage people to shop locally, and promote our many exceptional local businesses. You can feel good about supporting your community, while giving the people you care about exactly what they’re looking for.

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