Development & Building Permits

Development and Building Permits are required and inspections are performed, to ensure buildings provide necessary life safety and fire safety requirements. A Development and Building Permit Application includes both development and building review. Development review is completed in accordance with requirements of the Zoning Bylaw. Building Permit review and corresponding inspections are administered under the regulations contained in the Building Bylaw, the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and the National Building Code of Canada.

A Building Permit is required for any construction which involves:

  • New residential and/or commercial buildings including decks
  • Relocation of any building within, onto, or off of a site
  • Demolition
  • Change of occupancy or use of an existing building
  • Erection of a tent garage 
  • Repairs due to water or fire damage
  • Alterations to existing buildings or structures including:
    • changes to walls
    • installing bay, box, or box windows in new or exiting openings
    • basement development 
    • decks

A Building Permit is not required for:

  • Driveways and sidewalks;
  • Cosmetic repairs such as paint or minor repairs to exterior finishes;
  • Replacement roofing on a one to four unit dwelling unless the decking is replaced;
  • Replacement siding on a one to four unit dwelling, as long as the replacement is with similar construction;
  • Laying carpet;
  • Replacing doors and windows in existing openings in a dwelling unit, as long as the replacement is with similar construction. 

Development and Building Permit applications are submitted to the Town Office to be reviewed to ensure compliance with the Town of Wadena Zoning Bylaw. If compliant with the Zoning Bylaw, the application is forwarded to the Town's contracted building official to ensure compliance with National Building Code. To avoid delays, ensure the permit application package is complete and all required plans are submitted to the Town Office in full.