Council Committees

The work of Town Council is informed by the work of various committees and groups. These include Committees of Council, and other committees, boards and commissions.

At a high level, the purpose of any committee is to provide advice to Town Council and staff on specifically-mandated areas of interest, and contribute to the development of policies, programs and initiatives.

Council Committees are made up of Town Councillors appointed to that role. Under The Municipalities Act, the Mayor is by requirement, a member of every committee of Council. Committees meet on an as-needed basis. 

Committees and appointees are updated annually in January or as needed, by resolution of Council. The following are the Committees of Council and their appointees for 2019.

Council Committees

Committee Appointee(s)
Personnel & Administration Committee Council as a whole
Finance Committee Council as a whole
Investments Committee Greg Linnen, Conrad Eliason
Nuisance Committee Greg Linnen, Shelley Fitch,
Sara Sobchyshyn,
CUPE Negotiating Committee Greg Linnen, Kelly Tokarchuk, Conrad Eliason
Public Works & Utilities Committee Greg Linnen,
Conrad Eliason, Greg Chaykowski
Parks & Recreation Committee Greg Linnen,
Jody Christianson, Sara Sobchyshyn
Hall Committee Greg Linnen, Greg Chaykowski
Sara Sobchyshyn,
Kelly Tokarchuk
Planning & Development Committee Greg Linnen, Shelley Fitch
Kelly Tokarchuk, Sara Sobchyshyn
Official Community Plan Steering Committee Greg Linnen, Sara Sobchyshyn