Town of Wadena Council Meeting

January 10, 2022 6:00 pm

Wadena Town Office, 102 Main St N, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

THAT the agenda be approved as presented, and a copy attached hereto.

Adoption of Minutes


December 13, 2021 - Regular Meeting

That the minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on December 13, 2021 be approved as presented.


Public Hearings/Delegations


Home Occupation #85 Jim Headington Way - Discretionary Use

That the Town approve the proposed remote starter installation business at #85 Jim Headington Way, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Adequate on-site parking shall be provided and maintained.
  1. Vehicle access and egress points shall be provided in suitable locations so as to minimize traffic congestion and possible hazards.






That the following correspondence be acknowledged:

  • Sask Tel Infinet Service
  • Animal Control Monthly Reports October to December


Committee Minutes/Reports


Committee Minutes/Reports

That the following Committee Minutes and Reports be acknowledged:

  • CRLWMA Minutes
  • MPR Monthly Activity Report
  • MWO Monthly Activity Report
  • CAO Monthly Activity Report




List of Accounts for Approval and Payroll

That payment of the accounts represented by Cheques #23299 to #23362 and #1096-MAN to #1142 totaling $209,733.66; and payroll vouchers #2311 to #2337 totaling $41,798.29 be approved as presented and the payment register for all payments attached hereto. 


New Business/Discussion Items


Wadena Wildcats Lease Review Questions

  1. The seasonal option may be a better option, the Town can still have Playground Program upstairs when needed and the Town will still have another venue to rent out to users. 
  2. I am still waiting on information. 
  3. The best option may be for the Wildcats do the clean up after their events and the Town Staff do an inspection of the upstairs after events that the Wildcats are not involved in. 

Players Theatre Hall Upgrade

“THAT Council provides Administration with further direction.” 


Town Discount

Direction/Resolution of Council to either remain with current bylaw discounts; OR prepare a new bylaw with new discount amounts specified.


Municipal Revenue Sharing

The Council of the Town of Wadena confirms the municipality meets the following eligibility requirements to receive the Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant:

  • Submission of 2020 Annual Audited Financial Statement;
    • Submission of 2020 Waterworks Reporting, if applicable;
    • In Good Standing with respect to the reporting and remittance of Education Property Tax;
    • Council Procedure Bylaw has been adopted by council;
    • Employee Code of Conduct has been adopted by council; and
    • Public Disclosure Statements have been filed and annually updated by all council members

And further, that we authorize Chief Administrative Officer to sign the Declaration of Eligibility and submit it to the Ministry of Government Relations.


Cemetery Committee - Member At Large

A resolution to appoint either Harold or Karter Narfason to sit on the Town of Wadena Cemetery Committee as the Member at Large for 2021-22 Committee Appointments.


Columbarium Plaque Pricing

Discussion and resolution on whether any of the fees in Schedule A to be increased and the amounts.


Annual Fidelity Bond

That the Town obtain in the 2022 year a fidelity bond of $500,000 (Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Form A – Dual Signatures, Loss discovered) to cover the administrator and any other employees of the Town while carrying out duties relating to any money or security belonging to or held by the Town.



In Camera


121 Jim Headington Way - In Camera

THAT we recess, and deliberations continue in a closed meeting at _____ p.m. to _______ p.m. as per Part III Sections 15(b)(ii) of The Local Authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding #121 Jim Headington Way with those being present Mayor Sara Sobchyshyn, Deputy Mayor Travis Fogg, Councillor Ashley Kolach, Councillor Jordan Theisen, Councillor Marty Byman, and CAO Laurie Rudolph

 Resolution: That Council rise from the closed meeting and Meeting reconvene the Regular meeting at __________p.m.






That the meeting now be adjourned at ___________ p.m.