Town of Wadena Council Meeting

February 7, 2022 6:00 pm

Wadena Town Office, 102 Main St N, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

THAT the agenda be approved as presented, and a copy attached hereto.

Adoption of Minutes


January 24, 2022 - Regular Meeting

That the minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on January 24, 2022 be approved as presented.


Public Hearings/Delegations





That the following correspondence be acknowledged:

  • Village of Elfros - Zemluk
  • Village of Elfros - Hitchcock
  • Town of White City
  • DM Procurement Thresholds


Committee Minutes/Reports


Committee Minutes/Reports

That the following Committee Minutes and Reports be acknowledged:

  • Monthly Activity Report CAO
  • Monthly Activity Report CRC
  • Monthly Activity Report MPR
  • Monthly Activity Report Foreman
  • Minutes Wadena & District Fire Association



List of Accounts for Approval and Payroll

That payment of the accounts represented by Cheques #23385 to #23414 and #1183-MAN to #1186 totaling $101,687.47; and payroll vouchers #2353 to #2385 totaling $27,497.64 be approved as presented and the payment register for all payments attached hereto. 


Monthly Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliations

That the monthly financial statement and bank reconciliations for the month of December 2021 be accepted as presented.


New Business/Discussion Items


Health Action Group

“THAT the Wadena Legion Hall Rental Fees be reduced to 50% for the 2022 Health Action Group Fundraiser and Administration be approved to donate 1 Town of Wadena Hoodie to the fundraiser”


Rec Media

“THAT the REC Media account be written off due to invoicing error” 


Recreation Centre Advertising

“THAT the Wadena Fees and Charges bylaw be amended to reflect a 5% Recreation Centre In Ice advertising fee increase ($525/year for a 5-year contract) and the Dasher Board fee increase by 10% to $247.50/year and the Zamboni advertisement be increased by 10% to reflect $2,200/year for a 5-year contract.”

 Furthermore, “THAT the draft Dasher Board Advertising Agreement and In Ice Advertising Agreement be approved as presented.”


Changing Pool Provider Affiliation

Administration would like Council to provide direction on whether to become an affiliate this year or wait until 2023?



Budget Special Meeting Date

That Special Meetings be held on Wednesday, February 9th and Wednesday, February 16th at 6:00p.m. at the Town Council Chambers at 102 Main St N for the purpose of discussion of the proposed 2022 Preliminary Budget, recreation facility increases, water and sewer increases, five year capital, and discussion of holding a general meeting.


CRA Discharge

If agreed to by CRA, would Council consider for CRA to be paid a certain portion of the proceeds from the sale?


Municipal Grant Funding Policies

The Sask Lotteries grant provides for funding of non-profit organization and volunteer groups that wish to make application, and therefore, that the Town discontinue and rescind Policy – FS-005 Municipal Grant;

 Furthermore, that Policy P2017-005 Non-Profit Taxation Grant be amended for a successful application by a registered non-profit organization to receive up to a maximum of 50% of the municipal tax portion paid by the registered non-profit organization.


Wadena & District Fire Association Agreement & 2022 Proposed Budget

That the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign the Wadena and District Fire Fighting Association Agreement for the one year term effective on January 1, 2022.


SUMA Convention Registration

  • Confirmation of the Council members wishing to attend.
  • Confirmation on the # of President Banquet Tickets – Spouse paid by Council Member/Employee
  • Confirmation on the Voting Delegates (2 permitted)
  • Confirmation on whether a table of 8 will need to be reserved for the President Banquet



Pedestrian Walk

For information


Pandemic Policy

That the Pandemic Plan Policy P2020-001 be amended and that Town employees not be eligible to work from home and be required to either use vacation day(s) or an unpaid day if having to be absent from work due to the Saskatchewan Regulations in force at that time regarding the Covid 19 and the Omicron Variant.


Wheatbelt Sales Inc. - Loader Engine - Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Review of draft contract by Wheatbelt Sales Inc. 
  • If considered, a resolution for the signing of contract.

Town Snow Blower

  • Discussion, Decision, and Resolution on either selling, rental, or shared service with the R.M. of Lakeview.
  • Review and Revisions of the attached draft agreement if the shared service is considered and providing a draft copy to the R.M.
  • Discussion on Map Revision for Snow Removal along Pierce Avenue to Helipad.

Lot Sale

  • Confirmation - Water and Sewer hookups
  • Resolution:  That the purchasers of Lots 22 and 23, Blk 19 Plan C2572 be permitted to proceed with the consolidation of Lots through ISC, upon the town receiving a signed purchase agreement and all obligations within the agreement having been fulfilled.
  • Confirmation – Garage as Permitted or Discretionary Use
  • Confirmation – Collection of Tax Title Property taxes (or considered as part of purchase price)
  • Confirmation – Revisions to Town of Wadena Properties for Sale – Purchase Prices
  • Resolution:  That the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign the purchase agreement for Lots 22 and 23, Blk 19 Plan C2572 as amended.
  • Confirmation – Content to include within the letter to accompany the purchase agreement.

2021 Reserve Transfers

Resolution to authorize the CAO to perform entries within the internal reserves and financial institution accounts to reflect the amounts within the attached spreadsheet and the allocation of the 2021 surplus;

Furthermore, the 2021 End Reserve Amounts be approved as follows:

Cemetery Perpetual Care       $104,996.00       Pool                                       $10,000.00

Bust/Statue                                 $3,272.39       Recreation Centre                 $15,523.00

Museum                                    $51,485.53       Playground Equipment            $3,000.00

Transportation                           $97,298.15       Tourism                                    $6,250.00

Capital Trust                              $60,281.71       Curling Rink                           $44,411.00

Public Reserve                          $56,635.00       Sportsground                           $4,000.00

Fire Department                          $5,074.00       Utilities Infrastructure          $896,568.52

Emergency Preparedness          $8,000.00        Hall                                       $24,620.00

Environmental Health                 $46,345.00      Gas Tax – New Deal           $156,943.00

Health Care                                $24,470.00

Municipal Reserve                       $2,416.00


In Camera


In Camera

THAT we recess, and deliberations continue in a closed meeting at _____ p.m. to _______ p.m. as per Part III Sections 15(b)(ii) of The Local Authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding ______________________with those being present Mayor Sara Sobchyshyn, Deputy Mayor Travis Fogg, Councillor Ashley Kolach, Councillor Samantha Fehr, Councillor Marcus Elphinstone, Councillor Jordan Theisen, Councillor Marty Byman, and CAO Laurie Rudolph

 Resolution: That Council rise from the closed meeting and Meeting reconvene the Regular meeting at __________p.m.






That the meeting now be adjourned at ___________ p.m.