Town of Wadena Council Meeting

February 22, 2022 6:00 pm

Wadena Town Office, 102 Main St N, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

THAT the agenda be approved as presented, and a copy attached hereto.

Adoption of Minutes


February 7, 2022 - Regular Meeting & February 8, 2022 - Special Meeting

That the minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on February 7, 2022 and the Special meeting of Council held on February 8, 2022 be approved as presented. 


Public Hearings/Delegations


Delegation - Public Works Equipment Operator Joel Simpson - 6:00p.m.

Public Works 2 Equipment Operator Joel Simpson attending as a delegation at 6:00p.m to discuss public works operations.






That the following correspondence be acknowledged:

  • Commissionaires
  • Animal Control Officer
  • January Traffic Highlights
  • Northeast Area Transportation Planning Committee
  • RCMP Update


Committee Minutes/Reports




List of Accounts for Approval and Payroll

That payment of the accounts represented by Cheques #23415 to #23443 and #1187-MAN to #1226-Man totalling $113,031.41; and payroll vouchers #2386 to #2415 totalling $40,864.54 be approved as presented and the payment register for all payments attached hereto.




Monthly Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliations

That the monthly financial statement and bank reconciliations for the month of January 2022 be accepted as presented.


New Business/Discussion Items


Recreation Centre - Additional Sponsorship

“THAT the small dressing room be added to the sponsorship room opportunity for $10,000 for a 20 year sponsorship term that may be paid in 1 lump sum of $10,000 or $5,000/year for 2 years”


Wadena Van Corporation Lease Agreement

“THAT council review the Wadena Van Corporation Lease Agreement to include liability insurance of $______________ and otherwise leave the agreement as is” 



Recreation Fundraiser

Direction and Feedback on the proposed fundraising options:

 Fun Run: Kick off Summer with a “Between a walk and a hard pace Fun run” on Friday June 17? (Rosebud 50 year reunion is on July 1 2022). Set a registration fee (example $40) gets an entry to the race and included in the registration fee is a T-shirt (potentially sponsored by a local business or businesses) The run can include a ½ -mile dash for kids, a 5km run and possibly a 10km option. Can have sponsors for cost recovery of the Tshirts, a hydration station at the end of the race route and a sponsor for lunch during/after the event?    

Rock the Rink: Partner with a couple groups to help facilitate the night similar to how the Impersonator event from Nov 2021 went (1 Group to run the bar, 1 group to do a meal) and split the profits 20-25% to helping groups and 50-60% of profits goes to Town. 

Raffle Tickets: Could we send out information in a newsletter some sort of raffle? Could be as small or as large as we want: We could partner with local businesses and offer local services. A Pamper basket? A That way when people pay their utility bill, they can also buy a $10 ticket on a raffle basket.

The Large Item Lotto (for example, a truck + auger + 2 snowmobiles) is a very tricky option but has the potential to raise a lot of money. Unfortunately, the Town cannot be the applicant on the lotto license. A charitable or not for profit group or committee must orchestrate the fundraiser and must have their own bylaws and be able to produce to SLGA a financial statement, their own bank account and more as part of the application process. Basically, the Town would not be able to have any “control” on funds as far as SLGA is concerned and therefore, a committee or group could collaborate with the Town to allocate funding for projects but ultimately, the group or committee has the final decision. 

Ask individuals/groups/committees for support by donating to large recreation projects. Town Council could outline 1-3 large projects annually for a year or two to help get some of these large capital projects that need to get done in order to operate recreation facilities (ie, the condenser at the rink, the hall PA system, fitness centre equipment) 




April 4, 2022 Regular Meeting

A resolution required to cancel April 4 Regular meeting due to the SUMA convention and a decision on whether to schedule another meeting date in April.


Central Regional Landfill


Certification Retest

  • A resolution that the Pub Works I employee be authorized to attend Carlton Trail Community College in Wadena for the retest of:
    • Water Treatment, Class 1
    • Wastewater Treatment, Class 1
  • Furthermore, that the Town pay the retest fees of $150.00 per exam.


School Grass Cutting

Decision/Resolution for the extension of an additional 2 years for grass cutting of the two Wadena School areas.


GIC Rate

Resolution on the amount to place within the one year GIC.


Home Occupation

Direction required of Council as to whether in agreement with the designation of Hotel/Motel, OR instead having a zoning amendment prepared to either rezone lands to residential or to have Bed & Breakfast inserted within the Commercial Zoning District.


Snow Clearing Policy

That the TS-002 snow clearing, removal, and ice control policy be approved as amended;

Furthermore, that _________________ and in his absence ________________ be appointed as the designate(s) to direct the Public Works and Utilities staff and contractors as per the terms within the policy.



Bylaw No. 2022-2 Obstructions, Sidewalks, Private Property

    • That Bylaw No. 2022-02 to regulate snow, ice removal, debris, and other obstructions of sidewalks and clearing private property be hereby given first reading.   Carried

    • A proposed bylaw must not have more than two readings at a council meeting unless the members of council present unanimously agree to consider third reading

      • That Bylaw No. 2022-02 be hereby given second reading.  Carried
      • That Bylaw No. 2022-02 be hereby given three readings at this meeting.  Carried Unanimously
      • That Bylaw No. 2022-02 be hereby given third and final reading.  Carried



In Camera


In Camera

THAT we recess, and deliberations continue in a closed meeting at _____ p.m. to _______ p.m. as per Part III Sections 15(b)(ii) of The Local Authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding ______________________with those being present Mayor Sara Sobchyshyn, Deputy Mayor Travis Fogg, Councillor Ashley Kolach, Councillor Samantha Fehr, Councillor Marcus Elphinstone, Councillor Jordan Theisen, Councillor Marty Byman, and CAO Laurie Rudolph

 Resolution: That Council rise from the closed meeting and Meeting reconvene the Regular meeting at __________p.m.






That the meeting now be adjourned at ___________ p.m.