Town of Wadena Council Meeting

March 7, 2022 6:00 pm

Wadena Town Office, 102 Main St N, Wadena, SK


Call to Order


Adoption of Agenda

THAT the agenda be approved as presented, and a copy attached hereto.

Adoption of Minutes


February 16, 2022 - Special Meeting & February 22, 2022 - Regular Meeting

That the minutes of the Special meeting of Council held on February 16, 2022 and the Regular meeting of Council held on February 22, 2022 be approved as presented. 


Public Hearings/Delegations





That the following correspondence be acknowledged:

  • Animal Control Officer


Committee Minutes/Reports


Committee Minutes/Reports

That the following Committee Minutes and Reports be acknowledged:

  • Monthly Activity Report CAO
  • Monthly Activity Report CRC
  • Monthly Activity Report MPR
  • Wadena Branch Parkland Library



List of Accounts for Approval and Payroll

That payment of the accounts represented by cheques #23444 to #23469 and #1227-MAN to #1240-Man totaling $76,756.82; and payroll vouchers #2416 to #2440 totaling $30,173.03 be approved as presented and the payment register for all payments attached hereto.




New Business/Discussion Items


Cemetery and Library Caretakers

“THAT Council approves for Administration to post the tenders for the Library Cleaning Contract and the Cemetery Caretaking Contract.”



Bylaw No. 2022-01 Fees and Charges

That Bylaw No. 2022-01 being a bylaw to repeal Bylaw No. 2020-01 to provide an amendment to Schedule “F” to Fees and Charges be hereby given first reading.

      A proposed bylaw must not have more than two readings at a council meeting unless the members of council present unanimously agree to consider        third reading

 That Bylaw No. 2022-01 be hereby given second reading.  Carried

That Bylaw No. 2022-01 be hereby given three readings at this meeting.  Carried Unanimously

That Bylaw No. 2022-01 be hereby given third and final reading.  Carried



Hall Air Exchanger and Anchor

“THAT Council provides administration with further direction.”


Hall Caretaker Resignation

“THAT Council approves for Administration to advertise to fill the open position for the Wadena Community Legion Hall Caretaker.”


Recreation Centre Sponsorships

“THAT administration Asset Sponsorship Project be approved as presented” 


Wadena Legion Branch

“THAT the Wadena Legion Branch 62 Community Legion Hall agreement be approved as presented and furthermore, that the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign. 



Wadena Van Corporation

That Council approve the Wadena Van Corporation draft agreement as presented, and furthermore that the Mayor and CAO be authorized to sign.




McNichol Avenue

Discussion regarding the annual rent for lease not paid for the years 2015 to 2021 and the amount to be determined for the 2022 and 2023 years.

Discussion on sale agreement terms for Lot 14 owner and Weneeda Park Lodge (who is responsible for the fees related to survey cost, application to subdivide, legal for transfer, and ISC).

Waiting for confirmation from the Ministry of Highways on whether lane is closed.  If lane is not closed, discussion on starting the process over for road closure.

Decision of passing a resolution for the interim that would allow the owner to build a privacy fence along the edge of the property this spring until the lane closure and sale agreement can be finalized.


Bylaw Enforcement

That subject to Council’s review and approval of the new contract rates, that a one year contract be signed with Commissionaires for the time period of May 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022 (4 hours weekly) and October 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023 (6 hours monthly). 




Main Lift Force Main and Sewer Pipe System

That the bids by TSL Mechanical (2019) for the Main Lift Sewer Piping System in the amount of $___________ plus applicable taxes and the Force Main Service Port Access in the amount of $_____________ plus applicable taxes be accepted.


GUDI Assessment

That the CAO perform further investigation with Beckie Hydrogeologist Ltd. as to the pros and cons of having the GUDI assessment performed, and the information be presented to a future meeting of Council for a decision on whether to arrange in having the GUDI assessment completed in the 2023 Budget year



#54 Main Street N

That the Town reimburse the property owner at #54 Main St. N for 3/5th of 9 hours of Water World’s labour cost, for a total reimbursement of $504.00. 



Pesticide Sprayer

Resolution to either authorize certification of other Employees or Obtain quote to contract services.


Zoning Amendment - Bed & Breakfast

That Bylaw No. 2022-02 being a zoning amendment to Bylaw No. 2/87 to provide for Bed & Breakfast as a permitted use under the C1-Downtown Commercial District be hereby given first reading.

That the CAO be authorized to place an advertisement in the Wadena News for two consecutive weeks to advise of a Public Hearing to be held at the April 18, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council for the proposed Bylaw No. 2022-02 zoning amendment.



The budget will have to include additional amount for the annual revision costs. 

Policy – Suggest that Council consider a resolution to appoint two persons for the signing of agreements/contracts; that the Mayor and in her/his absence the Deputy Mayor and the CAO be the designated signing authorities;  Furthermore, that all agreements and contracts require the signatures of the two designated signing authorities prior to authorization of any services.


Wadena Crisis Cares Board

“THAT Council appoint the following members to the Wadena Crisis Cares Board for a two-year term:

  • Bonnie Wallin
  • Marge Headington
  • Kathy Price
  • Brenda Pomedli
  • Bill Filipchuk
  • Gloria Braaten
  • Mary Kay Zaprosky”

In Camera


In Camera

THAT we recess, and deliberations continue in a closed meeting at _____ p.m. to _______ p.m. as per Part III Sections 15(b)(ii) of The Local Authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding ______________________with those being present Mayor Sara Sobchyshyn, Deputy Mayor Travis Fogg, Councillor Ashley Kolach, Councillor Samantha Fehr, Councillor Marcus Elphinstone, Councillor Jordan Theisen, Councillor Marty Byman, and CAO Laurie Rudolph

 Resolution: That Council rise from the closed meeting and Meeting reconvene the Regular meeting at __________p.m.






That the meeting now be adjourned at ___________ p.m.