Senior Living in Wadena

Wadena boasts a peaceful lifestyle for seniors with accommodation options to offer a wonderful quality of life. 

Weneeda Park Lodge
Independent, enriched living for seniors.
425 6th Street NE
PO Box 310
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
P: 306-338-2755
F: 306-338-3850

Pleasant View Care Home
Long Term Care
433 5th Street (attached to the Wadena Hospital)
PO Box 10
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
P: 306-338-2412
F: 306-338-2720

Spruce Manor
Independent Living 
325 Main St N
PO Box 908
Wadena SK  S0A 4J0
P: 306-338-8775 Anne Sanderson