Utility Financial Overview

Town of Wadena

Water and Sewer Utility System
Annual Financial Overview 2016

 According to the Town’s audited 2016 financial statements, the total revenue generated for the water and sewer utility system was $544,979.  The expenses totalled $358,359.


                                Water Charges                                $357,418                             

                                Sewer Charges                                  180,668

                                Other Revenue                                         225

                                Custom Work                                         6,668                              



                                Wages, Benefits                              $162,487

                                Contractual Services                           79,356

                                Utilities                                                 54,342

                                Maintenance, Materials, Supplies       52,143

                                Amortization                                        52,143

                                Other                                                   10,031                              


                                                                            Surplus (Deficit)               $186,620            

Using these figures, the comparison ratio of revenue to expenses equals 358,359 / 544,979 or a ratio of 1.52.

Reserve Account

The amount that has been set aside as of Dec 31, 2016 in a reserve account to be used to provide for water and sewer system capital infrastructure is $769,723. Surplus from the water and sewer revenues are transferred to reserves on an annual basis for water and sewer infrastructure repairs, replacement and upgrades.

Public Information

A copy of the following documents may be requested at the Town Office during regular business hours and may be available online:

● Annual Notice to Consumers

● Waterworks Capital Investment Strategy

● Waterworks Rate Policy

● Utility System Annual Financial Overview

● Waterworks System Assessment