Municipal Elections

Every four years, Municipal Elections take place across the Saskatchewan. The last municipal election was held in October of 2016. Councillors hold office for a period of 4 years until the first meeting of Council after the next election. The next election is scheduled to be held in October of 2020.


Byelections are called when a position on Council becomes vacant. 

Additional Information

Nomination & Candidates Acceptance Forms
Nomination forms must be completed in full, signed by five eligible voters, and the Candidate's signature of acceptance must be signed by witnesses. The Nomination Clerks and Returning Officer cannot sign as witnesses.

Guide to the 2017 Wadena Byelection
General information on the schedule, who can vote, who can run for office, etc.This will be updated for the next Municipal election.

Candidate's Guide to the 2017 Wadena Byelection
A summary of important information you should know if running for office.This will be updated for the next Municipal election.

Link to Municipal Advisory - Elections Information
Municipal Advisory is a wonderful source of information for any citizen with questions in general, or anyone considering running for Council.